brittany carlisle » taylor hicks you are get married brittany carlisle in new orleans la st bernard parish 70085
ALLI » hey i've never done this before!
ali » AH!! its the song andy and maybe dustin, did for chambers project thats why i know it!! it all makes sense now..thank you
Breila » And you are definitely an idiot... Kidding! Or am I? No one knows how to spell deja...whatever.
Breila » Ali... it's a Spill Canvas song called 'The Tide' and it's kind of Dustin's cuz he introduced all of us to it... Its amazing. Thank Dustin, the guy with the BEST taste in music.
ali » i can't spell heaven right either. i'm just a plain failure. wonderful
ali » ah breila! where is that hevan line from??...ive either heard it somewhere or had a really odd dejeveu..which i can't even spell!
Breila » Damnit. Is it just me or does that ALWAYS happen...
Breila » Children playing on the beach... Heaven's not a place that you go when you die, it's that moment in life wen you actually feel alive...
Breila » Children playing on the beach... Heaven's not a place that you go when you die, it's that moment in life wen you actually feel alive...
Angie » Happy Christmas.
Angie » Kate then I will recruit you to teach voice at my dance studio! Hoorah!
ali » YAY OCU!!!!!!!!!
Kate » You seize that carp, buddy.
Dustin » I still read this old thing, and it's STILL interesting! I REGRET NOTHING!!!! CARPE DIEM!!!!!
de_vulcan » im sory help him out
de_vulcan » i guess u must help me out bye
Alistair » Happy birthday Kate
Angie » Good Job Kate, you stuck up to them. They shouldn't do that to you. I know exactly who they are too. : ) I love you Kate! Hooray for you!
Anna » that hurts kate....that hurts...but i love you and i miss you and no i did not make out with andy
Davey-OH » MRS roth is my hero! she's so awesome i dont know what to write about her, my mind is just flooded with her awesomeness!
Roso » You should've had me forge the signature!
JF » Hey I like your writing.
JF »
natalia » wa... who try to duplicate my nick... ha...ha.. maybe she love that name too.. thanks... happy blogging ya..
ali » you are my hero
Angie » I love ya Kate!
anna » 3JTRS
Anna » Kate i think that erin chick knows my mom!!
Kate » KATHLEEN!!! GOOO!!!! You caught me at a bad time, dear, usually I'm happier than this. ^_^
Kathleen » Kate! I love you! You make me smile!
Kate » TERKEL I miss you too!!
ALI » kate rocks my socks off!!! i miss you!!!!
Kate » Mmmm... nails...
wholovesshortshorts! » i eat the reservoir for breakfast along with carefully aged and rusted nails. . .
aliceimo =] » ima sumwun u dunnoes...^^
Kate » No fish food for you... ^_^ I think I'm loving this Flounder thing way too much.
andah » its always weird when you stop eating dog treats
Kate » Breila I love you! Thrilled to hear from you!! I asked a lot of people and they said they hadn't heard from you at all, we were a little afraid your mom had eaten you.
Breila » I loooooove you Kate!
Kate » Having a meeting with my family is where I was. You'll never guess what's in my living room. Come over and see. Not bluffing.
Ali » i love your even make surveys good. kate is awsome!
Dustin » Then let's go have some fun already, I haven't yet gotten a little ringy dingy. Me and Kathleen and Laine were out last night. Where were you?
Kate » LOL, thank you Angie my darling. ^_^
Angie » Good job Kate. : )