Entry: Lather, Rinse... Conditioner?! Sunday, July 23, 2006

Taylor Hicks, that guy in his twenties who already has grey hair and whom I believe wants to become this generation's new-wave Elvis, got more votes to be named American Idol than the President got when he was elected. I do love America.

I finally was well enough to burst into random bouts of song today. First time in a week and a half. It was godly-good. Hanky-panky. And my new room has great acoustics! Compensation I suppose, for stifling my creativity. I need blue to feel comfortable and relaxed, and all the green makes me want to do is listen to Enya and wear Pretty Pink Princess lipstick and write poems about flowers. Rah.

Clerks II. Let me at this.

Having never seen Clerks I, I (naively) assumed I was in for two-ish hours of more modern, slightly dirtier Monty-Python-like humor, where two guys have madcap adventures trying to run a gas station. And while it was hilarious (in that I might throw up way), it was pure shock value. And while I was entertained... I might never recover. Oh well.

I love the little triplets I am babysitting, and they love me. When I came back the second time, I walked in the door, and after the mother said "Hey there darlin'!" the first thing I heard was a skinny, towheaded, 5-year-old boy say, "Kate! I missed you!" Cue melting into a giant puddle all over the floor. They're so sweet.

I said towheaded, didn't I? Damn.


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You'll recover. Probably. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" sounds Elvis-ish. In a good way.

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