Entry: Are you changing? Do you know it? Do you feel it? Thursday, July 20, 2006

I have never been so busy and so pressed for time before that I've forgotten a meal. Yet today, organizing and re-organizing all my things and carting them all down the hall a hundred billion times, it suddenly occurred to me that my head hurt and I wanted to lie down. Wait a second. I haven't had lunch. Cue "Kate-you-are-retarded" auto-answer. Well I did have coffee at breakfast; I was probably coming down from the caffeine.

There is nothing more entertaining than IHOP. It's just such a wonderful novel idea, and it always is! It never gets old! "I'm hungry. It's 11 o' clock at night. Hmmm... PANCAKES!" And that is perfectly acceptable! It's lovely, it's like home; you can go in pajamas, and as long as... things... aren't hanging out of them, nobody cares! The seats are bouncy, and your waitress will be only too happy to give you smiley-face pancakes. Even if you are eighteen grown-up years old, they will give them to you if you ask.

I moved out of my room today, and into the one down the hall. I am going to miss my real room, but there is one thing I'm excited about: I get a full bed. My whole life, I've always slept on a twin mattress, because I never grew big enough to merit getting a larger one. But now I have one. And tonight when I finally go to sleep, I'm going to position myself spread-eagle and just lie there, feeling how cool it is to be able to stretch out on a mattress. ^_^

And I'm tired of so much wanting... but what if - don't even think it!... but why not? I ache for you...

How much do I love it? A LOT! Ben Lee is beautiful. That's the very first CD I listened to when I finally got situated in the new room today. The winter IS long in the city, and that IS the way I like it! Fo' rizzle.

I've become less intrigued by Project Runway. Sad, isn't it? I liked it when it was my own little gem of goodness in a desert of nasty reality TV shows (what a metaphor!), but it's getting such attention and people are making such a huge deal out of it that I'm afraid it'll get over-hyped. (Damn Emmys.)

It's amazing how much like children we're becoming. It is so much fun to watch Ali get worked up and scared over nothing; I wonder if anyone else has noticed that - and yeah, the park wasn't the best idea. How would you react if you lived on the perimeter of a playground and, at 11:30 at night, there are ten teenagers who by all rights should know better, who are screaming at the tops of their lungs to see who can do it loudest? I'd pee myself. Teenagers are terrifying. They're so weird. No, we're not - we enjoy playing make-believe, just like any other child.

"HEY! Let's play Mid-East Crisis!" "I CALL IRAN! I CALL IRAN!" - Dusty and Nick

Lebanon spent the entire time trying to get off the tire swing and giggling hysterically. (Iran was bullying me.)

We hightailed it before any damage could be done to any of our permanent records, and chose a more dangerous and destructive (if you're looking at the ozone layer) yet quieter method of recreation - ghost-hunting. Well, it wasn't quiet. I think we were singing Christmas carols "like a dying choir" as Ali eloquently put it. And Britney Spears, too. Who else is a liiiiiittle freaked out that Nick knew all of the words to every Britney song we thought of? He knew more than Laine did. That is quite a feat.

Stranger things have happened...


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