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"You can't fight the tears that ain't comin
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yeah, you bleed just to know you're alive."
Goo Goo Dolls

"Don't think we're not serious
When's it ever not?"
Jimmy Eat World

"Because I knew you
I have been changed for good."

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Monday, July 10, 2006
Things Change

"Music is the light of my whole, whole life. Even though it shall be music (or some insane form of it) that will kill me next Saturday morning." - 10/18/03

"I wish I could just take everyone's angst away from them and dump it on some remote planet somewhere. Or put it on me. I could deal with it. I'm not crazy. I know I'm not going to take any strange pills or play with a razor blade any time soon." - 11/6/03

"After we left the mall... we went to Bueno and bothered Paul. I asked him if he whistled while he worked. 'No,' he said, 'but sometimes I hum.'... Paul is a very amusing kid." - 2/14/04

"I can't respect myself if I cry in front of someone, because I feel like I just want something - pity or attention or whatever - those aren't tears, they're a manipulative device!" - 5/3/04

"... and get what she did: a kick way up high. Her ankle could have kissed her ear... if her ankle had had lips... When she asked if there were any questions, I said 'Yeah, how do you get your leg to DO that?!' and she said that age-old cliche, 'it just takes practice and flexibility.' What she did not say was 'and legs longer than yours.'" - 6/8/04

"CAN THIS REALLY BE WHAT I HAVE BECOME?! LOOK AT ME!!!... I have been reduced to a ditzy blonde short teenager with a cell phone. Help." - 9/3/04

"Playing with fire is incredibly fun and dangerous... I just want to be an irrational teenager for once and not have to think about possible consequences until after I've done whatever it was that I shouldn't have." - 12/21/04

"I'm going to go tell my mother what wonderful creatures teenagers are, because we band together in times of crisis. Like freaking ice storms. And when somebody's cell phone goes off in class, and we all cough." - 1/6/05

"Today I awoke to a gorgeous sunrise. I only had to scrape a little ice off my windshield, and the sun was warm on my back as I did so. I left my jacket in the house. 'This is going to be a beautiful day,' I thought to myself.... I looked outside the windows of the cafeteria at 12:15 and it was snowing. That is hilarious." - 2/28/05

"I know they're trying to be nice, but I couldn't get into it. I feel sometimes that if I'm going to call myself a Christian like these people that I have to condemn myself to obscurity forever, and I just don't want to." - 3/23/05

"In other news, since this summer is the one where It All Begins, I've decided that I have to start disciplining myself and pushing myself and toning myself. I realized that if I want to do Broadway when I grow up, I have to be in shape. ("Horrors," said Elphaba, "horrors.")"  - 5/26/05

"Sadaam Hussein, you have been tried for and found guilty of crimes against humanity. You are hereby sentenced to life eating celery without peanut butter."  - 6/21/05

"It annoys me to no end when people can't spell the word "angel" and go around spelling it "angle." Not to hurt any feelings, but if I get to the light at the end of the tunnel and angles start leading me in, I'll know I'm in the wrong place. Hell is full of math, you see." - 7/2/05

Look at me! So different and strange now!

I will make a real entry later. Then again, it might just be a fake one...

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